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CX-Acoustic@IPhone Audio&Stand CX88NFC

Power: 5B external battery
: RMS 2.5W
: 40Hz-20KHz
: ≥85db
: 500mv
: 10 k (Ω)
: 5V 1A

Speaker: full-range 1.57 "(40mm) 4Ω3W X 2
Exterior Material: Plastic
Battery Capacity: 600mAh
Weight: 425.5g
Speaker size: 230 * 65 * 65mm
Music playback time: 3 hours theory (the case of a fully charged when the maximum volume)
Official standard: audio cable, USB charging cable

CX88NFC with a new sense of light touch buttons speakers, its simple appearance, the use of 3D surround sound IC become the general stunning three-dimensional sound, allowing you among the different levels of exposure to music, immersive sound quality fidelity, do not break the sound. Product breakthroughs are prone to slow conventional induction and circumstances failure to achieve the ideal state. It is light and the body's own static electricity is induced by internal guide, which is not affected by cold or hot outside large environments.

The new light-sensitive touch buttons speakers, higher degree of sensitivity and discrimination;
* With Bluetooth;
* With NFC capabilities, support Bluetooth;
* With bass diaphragm, strengthen bass
* Can insert U disk and TF card, play MP3 format music, with memory function;
* FM radio with FM function, can automatically search and store channels;
* 5C external high-capacity rechargeable battery, rechargeable, easy to replace;
* 3.5 audio input, but also can be connected to MP3 / 4, mobile phones, computers;
* Long press the down key songs, songs can fast forward / backward;
* With digital display
* Products using 3D Surround Sound IC become the general stunning three-dimensional sound, puts you into a different level of music, immersive
New Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth KR-8800NFC sound card
This is an NFC-enabled oh
NFC-enabled mobile phone, only to open the NFC, the phone into the audio side, two seconds automatically connect up, not set, direct play.
Matte surface, feel better, circular tumbler design
Dual stereo speakers