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CX-Acoustic@IPhone Audio&Stand

Power: 6W
:> 85dB
Frequency response
: 50Hz-20KHz
: Built-in lithium battery and USB cable, can be used continuously for 6 hours
1.can simultaneously achieve the best angle of vision and hearing
Suitable for any size, any brand of tablet PCs and smart phones. Stylish, trendy, innovative mechanical embrace folding design, instantly becomes a mini, portable space saving convenience. Scalable design, with different size flat, smart phones, multi-angle freely switch between different perspectives.
2. passive dual-mode resonant design + double La sound, four diaphragm, dual speakers relative mode, showing super bass, showing shock effect, small size, big sound! Multidimensional sound, free to play! Powerful bass, fuller sound. Make voice "stronger, more solid, more uniform, more HIFI (fidelity)." Let your every once in a movie theater all to enjoy.
3. Using imported Bluetooth chip, allowing transmission distance farther, the connection is more stable, less power consumption, less noise and so on.
4. Automatic NFC function, using NFC touch device connections, automatic pairing Bluetooth, easy connection, Bluetooth + NFC Near Field fast dual connection to make your musical journey more convenient and faster, more exciting musical experience.
5. High-quality materials, all-round protection. The shell is made of high quality PC and ABS materials. Contact surface of silicone material round protection. Join alloy steel bars to strengthen the tensile strength of the product.
6. Embrace innovative mechanical folding design, you can put away two full force of arms, and instantly become mini. Into the bag, easy to carry, save space, you go out to play, the perfect companion for outdoor sports, and bring it to the adventure!
7. Built-in microphone that can be used hands-free calling
8. Unique APP technology. APP is a mobile phone or tablet applications, mainly targeted at all ios, Android and other systems.
9. unique sound pulse technology, detection technology from the US Navy.