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RFL Series karaoke speaker adopts the advanced direct/acoustic reflection technology, all of them have been rigorously tested, marched with karaoke design,its clear mid-frequency and powerful low-frequency,can provide you real scene feeling. Standard hoisting mode.
RFL Series is specially designed for Karaoke room, generally speaking,you should put the speakem 3M away from the seat and the height of hanging should be about 2M. 15 degree down angle of the speakere will project the sound right to the ears. Users can change the height of the speaker according to the size of the room and the distance between the seat and speaker, to get the best sound effects,Even if
facing kinds of limitation, RFL series will surely better and more directly than normal speakers. Besides the special designs mentioned above, RFL series are all built-in protection circuit, it can reduce the failure of burning.
Applying wire RUIFUL Karaoke amplifier, you can get the best effects.

10" three way karaoke speaker

 Model RFL3010 RFL3012
 Components: LF 1 x 10"(250mm) LF 1 x 12"(300mm)
MF 1 x 5"(125mm) MF 1 x 6.5"(150mm)
HF 2 x 3"(75mm) HF 1 x 1.75" Horn
 Frequency Reponse: 45Hz-20KHz±3dB 28Hz-20KHz±3dB
 Sensitivity(1W/1M): 97 dB 98dB
 Maximum Sound Pressure: 116 dB 118 dB
Rated Power: 200 Watts 250 Watts
Maximum Power: 400 Watts 500 Watts
Nominal lmpedance:
 Recommended Amplifiers: 200 to 400Watts into 8Ω 300 to 500Watts into 8Ω
Height x Width x Depth: 535 x 670 x 335mm 545 x 390 x 350mm
 Weight: 27.5 Kg 23 Kg





LB series of small multi-active line array speaker system is a linear array can achieve a variety of application modules group formed by the combination. Audio engineers by LB system in the audio engineering which can achieve amazing sound effects and achievements, LB series active system is ideal for medium and small portable applications to use.

LB Series Active versatile speaker system can be transported or stacked in various ways, their box size, shape, weight, and equipment are designed for easy transport and handling. LB series active system can quickly and easily carry out ground stacking and lifting, 2 LB-10 full-range speakers can overlap with built-in speaker stand rod quickly and securely mounted on LB-18S active subwoofer The above monaural playback. And LB-10 full-range line array speaker support schemes, small size, easy loading, and a wide sound field wide, beautiful sound.

LB-10 full-range speaker uses a 10-inch high-power, high-sensitivity neodymium woofer and two only 1.75 inches neodymium HF driver on the composition of the high-frequency horn to provide optimum performance and high durability, while further reducing the weight. Set a 10-inch woofer voice coil 3 inches high traffic, it may issue a strong, tight bass, and two 1.75 inches (1 inch exit) HF compression units work closely with a (120º H × 10º V) frequency constant directivity horn to provide a continuous, consistent, high-frequency precise point. LB-10 full-range speaker is not only lightweight, while providing maximum 130dB SPL peak output sound pressure pole.

LB-18S active subwoofer provides a deep, with a clean, rich bass response. LB-18S digital amplifier built inside a three-channel, 2 × 600W / 8Ω promote LB-10 full-range speakers perfect match, 1000W / 8Ω coincides with LB-18S with, and through the internal DSP digital processing module group may LB Multipurpose active speaker system to further optimize the performance, the sound clearer. Built-in DSP 16 effects, 16-bit encoder switch freely. Also has USB connector function, you can quickly and easily be connected with a laptop, provides powerful input / output lines parametric equalizer, phase, pressure limiter, delay in computer software, dividing type parameters and many other features for adjustment.

LB series active speaker system via multi-wiring board after the powerful and intuitive power amplifier module, sound module combination can achieve a variety of changes, LB series active system is the best choice for you to achieve high-quality projects

 Model LB10 LB18S
 Components: LF 1 x 10"(250mm) LF 1 x 18"(450mm)
HF 2 x 1.75"(44mm) /
 Frequency Reponse: 60Hz-20KHz 38Hz-320Hz
 Sensitivity(1W/1M): 100dB 102dB
 Maximum Sound Pressure: 130 dB 131dB
Rated Power: 400 Watts 800 Watts
Maximum Power: 800Watts 1600 Watts
Nominal lmpedance:
 Recommended Amplifiers: 500 to 800Watts into 4Ω Active modeule (1000Watts)
Height x Width x Depth: 280 x500 x 355mm 1015 x585 x 700mm
 Weight: 17 Kg 60 Kg