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Wireless Microphone Classification

We often used in teaching wireless microphones, wireless microphones and even some in the huge classrooms are completely useless, sitting behind the front desk for students still can not hear the teacher teaching. We briefly introduced the purpose of teaching a variety of wireless microphones, to contrast their advantages and disadvantages.
Now teaching at exterior consists of wireless microphone handheld and lapel two. Handheld suggests that it is necessary to carry out a hand holding a microphone teaching, who often want to blackboard blackboard and teacher of physical display is very inconvenient, many teachers will choose to be "liberated" hands lavalier microphone.
Manner in accordance with the code can be divided into FM wireless microphone, infrared wireless microphone, frequency hopping wireless microphone, their respective characteristics are as follows:
FM wireless microphone - as the first wireless microphone manufacturers with large production and international well-known brands are also one of the initial configuration of multimedia classrooms. But more and more widely used, its easy to crosstalk, management is difficult, do not match any shortcomings also performed exhaustive.
Infrared wireless microphone - it is for some of the ills of the FM microphone should be born of the city, using infrared wireless transmission technology, an effective solution to the problem of crosstalk and matched with each classroom with the use of generic and other characteristics of each classroom. But it is precisely because of its infrared wireless transmission technology, used appliances remote control infrared people know only confined to a small area, hand shielding effect is large and easy to produce "blind spot" (ie, received dead), for more large classroom infrared transmission must be reduced by increasing the infrared receiver "blind spot", otherwise teacher "unable to move."
Frequency hopping wireless microphone - as a new product is also less well known, but its unique "digital on the code, shortwave frequency hopping" transmission mode only solved the FM microphone "Easy crosstalk, management is difficult, can not be arbitrarily matching" problem , but there is no blind spot, the teacher can move freely, each classroom universal.